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Tamimi, Dania Faisal dania_tamimi at student.hms.harvard.edu
Wed Dec 29 03:50:29 PST 2004

Hey Dr. Potter (and All),
 I don't have any experience with this program, not being a Mac user, but I do remember reading an article (over my husband's shoulder) in the RSNA News this month featuring this as a new technology. It was also presented at the RSNA this year. It was developed by two radiologists, an Egyptian doctor (hence the name of the program, which I thought was quite clever - Osiris was the God of Resurrection) at UCLA, and Swiss doctor in Geneva. Apparently, you can use this program to store images on your iPod. The program enables the iPod to automatically recognize and search for medical images, and when it detects the images, they automatically appear on a list, just like music files. 
 This software can be downloaded at www.homepage.mac.com/rossetantoine/osirix/
 Dania Tamimi
 Harvard School of Dental Medicine

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	I just recently discovered OsiriX - a free, open source CT and PET
	viewing software for Macintosh users.  It is very sophisticated and
	quite easy to use.  I have imported some NewTom axial images into it and
	it worked quite well. Has anyone else used this software - willing to
	share your experiences?  If you are a mac user and are not familiar with
	this software, check it out.
	Brad Potter
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