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here is a summary of the responses from June 2001

1.  B. Potter reported on:
    Knight Manufacturing
    Asheville, NC  828-254-1919

2.    M. Kantor reported on :
    Reliance Medical Products
    Mason, OH  513-398-3937

3.    E. Lam and E. Khan reported on:
    Belmont 406M X-ray Chair
    Belmont Equipment Corp
    Somerset, NJ

4.    T. Schiff reported on:
        Galaxy ENT.ENC.
        Los Angeles, CA

5.    K. Abramovitch reported on:
        JedMed "S" Chair
        JEDMED Instrument Co
        St. Louis, MO
        We purchased these chairs and they have an adaptable headrest
for intraoral

Hope this helps!


"M. OCarroll" wrote:

>  Several months ago there was some correspondence on suitble chairs
> for oral and maxillofacial radiology. I apologize for not paying
> specific attention at the time. I did not foresee a need for the
> information. Now, one of our Dental-eze chairs has failed and parts
> are no longer available. The newer designs of dental chairs have a
> base that is not conducive to radiology. And now, I need to know what
> alternatives are available. I would appreciate any advice on chairs,
> either electric or hydraulic, that might be suitable for intra-oral
> radiology. Thank you in advance. Kevin.
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