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>I could use a little help.  A new faculty has informally proposed that all new
>screening patients receive full surveys without regard to the
>selection criteria
>that have been endorsed by this organization and the ADA.  I would like some
>guidance and insight into strategies used in previous "battles" that possibly
>have been waged at your educational institutions.  Selection criteria are
>published in our school policy manual and have been followed as a general rule
>but I am concerned about a potential challange.  Any innovative
>defenses beyond
>the obvious would be welcomed.  I am reasonably confident that my request for
>information may only be precautionary because this proposal is presently
>informal and has not been subjected to our evaluation or comment.  Thanks in

**Time and staff constraints prevent us from doing CMS's on everyone.
We use selection criteria at our school for both intraoral and
panoramic radiography.  For the purposes of institutional management
and, in some cases, research, obtaining a complete mouth series (CMS)
and/or pantomograph on every new patient at a dental school may have
some benefits. I believe, however, in preparing students for "real
world" scenarios.  In general practice, one would not take a CMS on
every new patient unless it was indicated by historical and
examination findings.  I therefore believe we should not subject all
of our patients to a CMS unless it is indicated.  We expect students
to apply radiographic selection criteria with their new patients -
they will (hopefully) be doing the same after they graduate and enter

**I have not had any major "battles" with my faculty colleagues.  We
have, however, recently encountered some problems with a research
project conducted by another faculty member who required
pantomographs of patients entering his study.  It created some
difficulty for him and his co-worker when pantomographs were not
available for all of our undergraduate clinic patients.
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