Dent-X Processors

Axel Ruprecht ruprecht at BLUE.WEEG.UIOWA.EDU
Wed Jun 28 18:24:04 PDT 2000


We have been using various DENT-X units for years. Regualr maintenance is
probably the biggest key to success. That, and luck.


>Hi all,
>We are looking into buying  couple of heavy duty dental x-ray film
>processors for our department. We have identified  so far atleast two (
>Dent-X Excel by Dent-X and AT-2000 XR by Air Techniques)  which might be
>suitable for our needs. Does anybody have specific
>recommendations/suggestions on the reliability of either one of them? we
>have been using a sytem 30DX futura series by Fischer( which gave us a good
>4 years) and they don't make those models anymore. We appreciate your input.
>Dr. Mel Mupparapu
>University of Pennsylvania
>School of Dental Medicine
>4001 Spruce street
>Philadelphia, PA 19104
>(215) 898-8971/8972


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