Dr. Delano Address

John B. Ludlow jbl at EMAIL.UNC.EDU
Sat Apr 29 16:35:52 PDT 2000

on 4/28/00 8:19 PM, Dr. Neil L. Frederiksen at nlfred at HOME.COM wrote:

> All,
> Does anyone have a current address for E. Olutayo Delano?
> A letter to him addressed to:  Univ. of West Indies School of Dentistry,
> Trinidad, West Indies was returned.
> Thanks
> Neil
Dr. Delano may be reached at:

Department of Endodontics, Tarson Hall
University of North Carolina School of Dentistry
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7450

email: olutayo_delano at DENTISTRY.UNC.EDU

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