Konica QX-70

Otis,Linda L. OTIS at NSO2.UCHC.EDU
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I have used a previous model of this processor and found it to be reliable;
It was also a reasonable price.
Air Techniques also makes a similar processor you may want to request
information from them

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> Thanks to all the Oradlisters who responded to my question about
> retakes. I think we all agree that trying to analyze the cause for
> the problem and then taking steps to remedy it is the best way.
> Unfortunately, this particular case is much more complex than a
> simple problem with retakes.
> However, on to the next question. We have done a lot of
> remodeling/new construction here, including a brand-new orthodontic
> clinic. They now have their own pan/ceph machine so they don't have
> to march the patient the equivalent of a long city block to get to
> the radiology facility. Today, however, their clinic director came to
> me and said that they just realized that they had to buy a film
> processor and wondered what I knew about the Konica QX-70. Apparently
> a friend of his in private practice raved about it, especially since
> apparently you can feed in a pan and ceph side by side.
> Does anyone have any experience with this machine that I can share
> with this orthodontist? I personally am not familiar with it.
> Thanks again for all your help.
> Sharon
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