How many retakes are too many?

dlwallace devery at PACBELL.NET
Tue Apr 25 13:23:43 PDT 2000

Dear Sharon, My first question is why are the retakes, moved film, young child,
unerupted tooth, etc? I have been taking dental x-rays for well over thirty
years and some days I am amazed at how many lateral cephalometrics I have to
take over. I have a dental x-ray lab in CA. and work primarily with children. I
also worked at UCSF and know that working with non-english speaking people was
difficult. So back to my first inquiry... why? then go from there. devery

Sharon Brooks wrote:

> We had a personnel issue come up recently in which one of our xray
> techs is accused of overexposing patients by needing an excessive
> number of retakes. I was asked what an acceptable number would be for
> an experienced person who has been taking oral radiographs for about
> 30 years.
> Obviously the best answer would be "none" but that may not be
> realistic since none of us is perfect. Does anyone have a reasonable
> answer to this? Apparently they checked the log of patient visits for
> a month and found that she retook at least one film on about 20-25%
> of patients in that month, which seems excessive to me, especially
> for someone experienced. (No, I am not her supervisor. It's a long
> story that has to do with how our school was reorganized several
> years ago.)
> Thanks for any help you can give me.
> Sharon
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