How many retakes are too many?

Lars Hollender larsholl at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Tue Apr 25 10:12:46 PDT 2000

Dear Sharon,

Who ordered the retakes? Did you see the rejected ones? Sometimes an
"overzealous" and less knowledgeable individual may find reasons to request
retakes when actually the information needed has already been acquired although
the radiographs are not entirely according to the textbook. For instance I see
a lot of upper centrals not ideally symmetrical around the midline (strange
since it should be the easiest image of them all) but do seldomly order
However, if this happens only with one of several technicians working for the
same individuals (faculty), then there is certainly reason for finding out what
is going on. I used to collect retakes for a longer time (a month or so) and
then I went through them to see if there was a systematic error or if they all
were "random".
best regards
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