Problens with ORTOPHOS (SIEMENS)

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> Hello Dr. Nilson:
> A similar question was raised a couple of years ago, which I had responded
> to. I am copying the text of that response below:
> Your experience is typical of almost any user who tried
> to use transversal slicing in a pure panoramic machine.
> Regardless of the positioning method or the aiming
> device, the underlying problem is the method used to
> produce slices in these systems. The typical  panoramic
> motion is used to produce these slices, which inherit
> all the limitations of a pan image: variable and
> unpredictable magnifications in horizontal and
> vertical directions, very thick slices, unwanted
> superimpositions from objects far away from the desired
> focal plane, etc. These difficulties are
> even more exaggerated in the anterior regions.
> Although panoramic images can be called tomographic
> images in the general sense of the word, but in the
> practical sense the word is used, they don't qualify.
> Of course, a pan image is very useful for what it is
> intended, but  this method falls way short when used
> to gather other types of information where true
> tomographic images are warranted, e.g. sections of
> the mandible or maxilla for implant planning.
> Linear tomography is superior to panoramic type
> tomography, as the image is produced via a "tomographic"
> motion. It lacks some of the crippling limitations of
> panoramic type images, however, many limitations still
> remain. Some of the limitations are streaking on the image,
> unpredictable slice thickness when the bone is oriented
> in the same direction as the tomographic motion
> (sometimes showing objects far away from the focal plane)
> and unwanted superimpositions. The most accurate and "true"
> tomographic slices are produced via a "complex"
> tomographic motion (e.g. Hypocycloidal and spiral) using
> the Grossman Technique. Non-Grossman complex motion systems
> are a close second.
> An analogy I heard from someone in a cocktail party is
> appropriate here: If someone wants to learn about a city,
> then there are 3 possible ways: Taking the bypass around
> the city is analogous to panoramic tomography, driving
> straight through the city on one road is tantamount to
> Linear Tomography, and really going around the city taking
> various streets and seeing all the important landmarks is
> like complex motion tomography.
> With the introduction of computer automation and
> sophisticated software, the high end complex motion
> systems far surpass other modalities in
> versatility and quality.
> Dr. Nilson: I would like to add that a Dental Radiology
> Clinic named "IBRO" provides excellent tomographic imaging
> service to area doctors in your city (Salvador, Brazil). This
> clinic utilizes the CommCAT Imaging System, which is a
> true complex motion tomographic imaging equipment. They
> also include an Oral Radiologist's report with the radiographs.
> Imaging Sciences has also introduced a smaller, less expensive
> and simplified Panoramic and complex motion Tomographic
> Imaging System, named Panorex CMT.
> Arun Singh
> Imaging Sciences International
> Arun at
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> From: Nilson Pena Neto Segundo <nilson at IG.COM.BR>
> Date: Wednesday, April 12, 2000 12:10 AM
> Subject: Problens with ORTOPHOS (SIEMENS)
> Does anyone have any experience with ORTHOPHOS PLUS CD (SIEMENS)
> We are having problens with the transverse tomography exposure, used in
> implantology. The images are bad, and don't permit a reliable diagnostic.
> We suppose that our equipment could be damaged, or SIEMENS is selling a
> machine that doesn't work properly.
> Best regards,
> Dr. Nilson Pena
> Salvador (Ba) - BRAZIL
> nilson at

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