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Stuart C. White swhite at DENT.UCLA.EDU
Tue Mar 10 07:38:34 PST 1998

Hi Madju,

        Probably the best way to address this problem is to call Art Quint
himself at 310-553-4204 or by E-mail at xray at ams4illuminators.


>Please, could someone give me info on how  to contact the manufacturers of
>the Quint Sectograph Unit? We are having problems with the calibration of
>the timer, with the readout showing much higher values than what was
>pre-set, during the exposure proper. Any input will be greatly
>Thank you all in advance.
>Madhu Nair
>UPitt ORad
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>University of Pittsburgh                        Fax: (412) 383-7796(W)
>School of Dental Medicine
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