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     Jolly Earth Day!
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Subject: U.S. EPA Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) Web Proto
Author:  Gary Napp <Gary_Napp at ccgate.ueci.com> at +inet
Date:    4/21/97 11:39 PM


> [EPA seal] [IRIS logo]
> U.S. EPA Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) Web Prototype
> This page is under construction. [Under Construction]
> Welcome to the prototype IRIS home page. IRIS is brought to you by the
> U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and its Office of Research and
> Development, National Center for Environmental Assessment. EPA is
> testing this Web presentation of IRIS, a data base of human health
> effects that may result from exposure to various substances found in
> the environment. For more information about IRIS, read this
> Introduction. The scientific content of this web prototype is
> consistent with the IRIS system in use at EPA and with the version of
> IRIS accessible through the National Library of Medicine's TOXNET
> system.
> Over the coming year, EPA will be testing other format improvements
> and adding functionality to the IRIS home page. We are also working to
> update and improve the scientific content of IRIS. We invite your
> comments on the IRIS web prototype. At this stage, we are particularly
> interested in problems with access, reading, or navigation.
> Suggestions are also welcome for any improvements to IRIS. Send
> comments about the web prototype to the IRIS webmaster by email to
> Steve Young, US EPA; young.steve at epamail.epa.gov.
> For technical questions about the scientific information content in
> IRIS, please call the U.S. EPA Risk Information Hotline at telephone
> 1-513-569-7254, or fax to 1-513-569-7159, or email to
> RIH.IRIS at epamail.epa.gov.
> Navigation hints:
> From the opening list of substances, you can click on individual
> substance names, or the list can be searched with your web browser,
> such as Netscape or Internet Explorer, by typing the name or Chemical
> Abstracts Service (CAS) Registry Number at the "Find" command. At any
> place in an IRIS substance file, use the "Back" command to return to
> the substance list.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Click here for What's New on IRIS, which highlights the most recent
> changes to IRIS files.
> The list of IRIS Substance Files is here.
> See the Glossary of Risk Assessment-Related Terms and the list of
> Acronyms and Abbreviations for more information explaining terms used
> in IRIS files.
> Background Information on methods used by EPA for deriving values in
> IRIS is available here. Information on Limitations to the Use of IRIS
> is here.
> Here are some links to other sources of environmental health
> information.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> This page is maintained by Steve Young, US EPA;
> young.steve at epamail.epa.gov
> Last update: 18 April 1997
> URL: http://www.epa.gov/ngispgm3/iris/index.html
> Return to the IRIS home page.
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