consulting fees

Jaakko S Peltola sjpeltol at CC.HELSINKI.FI
Wed Apr 16 13:16:10 PDT 1997

Hello Lars,

In Helsinki, we charge from requests for interpretation about 15$,
which is about 25% of that amount the dentists charge their patients
of one pamoramic radiograph. We also charge the patients of the clinic if
they have their own x-rays (outside the clinic) without interpretation.

Almost all university departments (and govermet officies) in Finland are
now (after depression) responsible for their own economy, so they have to
take money where it is available.

In Finland most specialist in oral radiology make also payable private
radiographic consultations.


Jaakko Peltola DDS, PhD.
Department of Oral Radiology
Institute of Dentistry, University of Helsinki, Finland

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