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Leif Kullman Leif.Kullman at OFA.KI.SE
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I am working mainly at the School of Dentistry but also one day each week
at the Academic Hospital in Uppsala. My colleague in Uppsala- Eva Birring
has made some trials with MRI investigations in implant patients. Both pre-
and postoperatively. In most these patients a CT-investigation has also been
We have not found any pros for MRI compared with CT, on the contrary CT seems
better with one exception: When bone have been transplantated to the jaws!
Then it seems that you can register if the bone becomes vitalized (blood
supply and so on) very well with MRI and you get a new dimension to follow
the healing (or rejecting with resorption of the bone) process.

Regards   Leif

. Anyone out there using MRI for
>implant patients? It would be interesting to find out. A few years ago
>a group of radiologists in NC were offering MRI imaging for patients but
>the demand was too low. This was not surprising considering the costs and
>the fact that the town has population of 20-25,000.
>Don Tyndall
>UNC School of Dentistry
In the following March 1997 journal that I just received there is the
>> following article;
>> Cooper L.F.  Improving Outcomes Using Dental Implants.  Compendium
>> 18(3):271-281, March 1997.
>> On page 272, Table 1 on radiographic techniques lists MRI as a technique for
>> implant treatment planning evaluations.  It appears that the text for MRI
>> should be for multiplanar 2-D CT reformatting such as the DentaScan or
>> IM/Dental programs.
>> ......or perhaps Drs. Tyndall and Ludlow are using MRI for Dr. Cooper at
>> ......or MRI is the latest imaging modality for implants.
>> Kenneth Abramovitch D.D.S., M.S.
>> Section of Radiology, Dental Branch
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