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Bourdon, Tom tombourdon at saonet.ucla.edu
Tue Dec 19 14:22:08 PST 2006

What I want:

*	Only I (moderator) can send emails, to keep them at absolute
*	Listmembers names are not shown
*	If someone replies, only I get it
*	I can just add them, they don't have to agree (moving over from
Yahoo listserv)
*	They do not need a password, they just automatically start
getting emails (under Add a Member to your list, it says: If you would
like to send a welcome message to the new members then make sure that
the "yes" button is checked. This will send the new members their
password and list configuration instructions.)
*	The only option they will have is to get off list
*	Can I send photos, or is it text only?
*	Is there a limit to # of members on list?


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Thank you.



Tom Bourdon

Assistant Director

UCLA Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender Campus Resource Center




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