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Film Screening: Masquerades [Algeria]

Screening of the film Masquerades, followed by a Q&A session with director Lyes Sale

Photo courtesy of the Global Film Initiative

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
7:00 PM
James Bridges Theater

After working for much of his life as a gardener in his dusty Algerian village, Mounir dreams of improving his family’s fortune and gaining a measure of respect by marrying off his narcoleptic sister, Rym, to a “real gentleman.” However, Rym has other plans—she dreams of marrying Mounir’s best friend, Khliffa, who has secretly courted her for years. When Mounir lashes out at village gossip with a fib that he has promised Rym to a wealthy outsider, she comes out of her sleepy stupor to embrace the rumor and press her real betrothed into action. Beautifully brought to life by a memorable cast—including director Lyes Salem as the cocky but compassionate bumbler Mounir—this heartfelt comedy suggests that when dreams become reality, it’s time to wake up.


Lyes Salem was born in Algiers, Algeria in 1973.  After studying at the National Conservatory for Superior Dramatic Arts, he performed in some of the most respected theaters in the country.  His second short film, Cousines, received France's César award for Best Short Film in 2005.  As an actor, he has appeared in a number of films, including Alex, Banlieue 13 and L’Ecole de la Chair.  Mascarades is his first feature film.

Masquerades is co-presented by the Global Film Initiative and is part of the Global Lens 2010 film series.  For more information, visit http://www.globalfilm.org


For more information, contact:
Johanna Romero, CNES Program Manager
Bunche Hall 10286
Tel #: 310-825-1455
E-mail: romero at international.ucla.edu


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