[Hum_Calendar_Events] History of the Book Lecture with Getty Museum Curator Elizabeth Morrison

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	You are invited to attend the 19th History of the Book Lecture,
"Searching for the Origins of Secular Imagery in Thirteenth-Century
France," presented by Dr. Elizabeth Morrison (Curator, Department of
Manuscripts, J. Paul Getty Museum) on Friday, January 29, 2010,  at 3:00
pm in Royce 314. (Please note the start time is earlier than usual!)


	The mid-thirteenth century in northern France saw an explosion
in the production of books in the vernacular. Most art historians have
seen the illumination of romances and histories of the period as a
rather thoughtless adaptation of sacred painting models. In this
lecture, however, Dr. Morrison explores how artists adapted and
ultimately broke away from their religiously inspired beginnings in
order to create new formats and compositions more suited to their needs
and the needs of a new breed of manuscript--the illuminated secular
	Advance registration is required. No fee. Seating is limited,
available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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