[Hum_Calendar_Events] CMRS Ahmanson Conference Series, "Foundations of Medieval Monasticism" - January 18-19, 2008

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1/18/08 (Fri) through 1/19/08 (Sat) 

CMRS Ahmanson Conference Series, "Foundations of Medieval Monasticism"

In Royce 306 and 314 
This CMRS Ahmanson Conference, organized by advanced graduate students
in medieval studies, coincides with the completion of a two-year project
funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to create a digital database
of the ninth- century "Plan of St. Gall," an elaborate two-dimensional
plan for a monastic complex. The conference will focus on the roots of
medieval culture found in Carolingian monasticism, the reforms of the
eighth and ninth centuries, and their impact in later periods. It offers
an opportunity for scholars from a variety of disciplines to share
current scholarship on medieval monasticism as well as to familiarize
themselves with digital resources for the study of monasticism. 

This conference is made possible by a generous grant from the Ahmanson
Foundation, and cosponsored by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for
Research and the Dean of Humanities of the UCLA College of Letters and
Science, and the UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. It
was organized by UCLA graduate students Leanne Good, Ned Schoolman, and
Sarah Whitten, all of the History department, with the assistance of Dr.
Barbara Schedl (UCLA and the University of Vienna) and Professor Patrick
Geary (UCLA). 

Time: Friday, January 18, from 12 noon-5:30pm, and Saturday, January 19,
from 10am-5pm. 

The complete program can be downloaded at
http://www.cmrs.ucla.edu/programs/monasticis m_program.pdf

For more information, contact cmrs at humnet.ucla.edu 

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