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Historically, Baptists were in the forefront of protecting the religious liberties of persons of other faiths. Consider Jefferson's friend John Leland.

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While we're on the subject of church-state relations, the subject is being discussed in Britain where the queen has made a statement, link above, in support of the value of religion as opposed to secularism; the striking note, as I read it, is where she says that the established Anglican church has a duty to protect the rights of the eight other main, non-established, faiths in Britain and even of people of no faith.

The idea of one church protecting the rights of others is interesting, is it not?

Which faith in America has taken the lead in speaking out to protect the rights of the others, I wonder; Jefferson's deism?  But that wasn't a church, was it?  More like a faith not necessarily attached to an organized religion, I suspect.


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