When's it Coming?

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The proper timing will depend on many factors, including whether the federal
government files a petition for rehearing en banc.  If such a petition is
filed, it could delay Supreme Court review for some time.


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Sandy writes: I really and truly don't mean to be snarky, but given that
life is short and it is now basically certain that the Supreme Court will be
taking the case, is there any good reason for a non-masochist to read 300pp
of opinions?

... book writers, unfortunately. Does anyone know a reasonable time line for
when the Supreme Court will render an opinion on the case? Would it be as
early as this summer? Would we have any reason to believe that the decision
would be rushed before the presidential election, like the 4-horsemen did to
Roosevelt, or would it be better to conceal it to afterward. More to the
point, if there is no hanky panky, when SHOULD such a decision come out?

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