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The moderator appears to have  let a number of personal attacks on himself
go through to the list, so the censorship here does not appear to amount to
much. I understand it's the principle of the thing on both sides, but it's
not a discussion that anyone on the list signed up for, and no one is making
any friends by continuing to agitate the point. 


I'm also troubled by the union-card mentality that says law professors can
post more often than other citizens. We might want a norm about how often
people post - don't most of us have day jobs - but I would not want a rule
that divides us into first- and second-class members.


And lest Robert think I'm hostile to his views on the Constitution, I will
add that I'm also tired of over-confident claims that it's perfectly clear
that the federal government was never intended to do diddly squat and that
all other interpretations are illegitimate. But that debate is one I signed
up for, so I have no legitimate complaints there.  But those posts don't
seem to be persuading many people either, and frequent repetition does not
increase the rate of persuasion.


Douglas Laycock

Armistead M. Dobie Professor of Law

University of Virginia Law School

580 Massie Road

Charlottesville, VA  22903



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