"Present ... from any ... Foreign State"

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The question aims at a potential conflict between the emoluments clause 
and the President's Art II powers.
Indeed, would a congressional resolution disapproving a presidential 
trip to receive the Peace Prize be interference with his conduct of 

Daniel Hoffman

Mark Tushnet wrote:

> This one seems easy to me:  The ambassador is the foreign state, 
> China, embodying its highest level sovereignty.  What, though, if the 
> ambassador just happens to be the vice-president's cousin and gives 
> her relative a birthday present?  I take it that that's the Marquis de 
> Lafayette question Seth Tillman raised, and I'd infer from 
> Washington's position there that the gift has to be made in (something 
> like) the donor's official capacity - which just gets us back to the 
> beginning of the thread.
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> A new exam question:
> The President receives China's new ambassador.  The envoy offers to 
> the President a special digital watch.  In addition to its ordinary 
> functions, each day the watch displays a new message of a diplomatic 
> character.
> May the President accept the watch without congressional approval?  
> Must he inform Congress of the messages' content?
> Daniel Hoffman
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