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Hi Bob - I don't have a specific recommendation for you, but I do have what might be useful information (and I'm sending this to the entire list because it's information everyone might find useful if they don't know already).

I just recently found out that Aspen will create custom books from any of its books (or any combination of its books) based on whatever chapter(s) you want from its collection of books.  So, if you like Chemerinsky's due process chapters, you can ask Aspen to create a custom book for your course based on those chapters.  Or, if you like one of Chemerinsky's and another of Massey's, same thing.  I have no idea if other publishers do this, but you can certainly ask.  Custom books are cheaper, come in loose-leaf form so students can carry only what they need for a particular class, and don't have material you/they won't need.  On the flip side, the resale value is minimal for students.  But, all students I've surveyed since finding out about them have indicated they don't care about resale and would much prefer the custom book.

Hope this helps.


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I will be teaching a Con. Law course that deals exclusively with due 
process rights, and was wondering what suggestions for a casebook would 
list goers make given that the course does not cover anything in regard to 
the First Amendment or equal protection, and my general reluctance to 
require a book that would contain a fair amount of material not covered in 
the class. Also, I was wondering if list goers would have suggestions for a 
popular literature work that would include coverage of many stages of 
either the criminal or civil process system in this nation.

Thanks for your attention. You can reply directly to me at rbradley at


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