what about judge sotomayor's student note on peurto rico, in harvard 1979 journal

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On May 31, 2009, at 11:51 AM, Volokh, Eugene wrote:

>                Dear Colleagues:  For the fourth edition of my  
> Academic Legal Writing book, I’d like to include an entire student- 
> written article – with comments (in the margins or in between  
> paragraphs) on my part – to use as a good example for readers.  To  
> be optimal, the article should be (1) very well-written, (2) very  
> well-reasoned, (3) 40 law review pages or shorter (shorter would be  
> better), (4) preferably on a topic that readers would find  
> interesting, and (5) written when the author was still a student  
> (though it need not have been denominated a student Note or  
> Comment).  I would also of course ask the author and (if necessary)  
> the journal for permission to reprint and comment on the piece, and  
> some of my comments will likely be a bit critical.  But my goal is  
> to find an article that’s so good that the criticisms will be very  
> few, and most of the comments will be an explanation of why a  
> particular paragraph or argument works well, not of why it doesn’t.
>                Can any of you recommend such an article?  It need  
> not have been heavily cited, since here I’m looking for a piece that  
> serves as a good model, not necessarily one that has been  
> influential.  (The ability to have substantial influence is an  
> important trait of a good student piece, but by no means the main  
> trait, so a piece that got quickly but unforeseeably preempted, or a  
> piece in a field in which there’s comparatively little other  
> writing, would be just fine despite its low citation count.)  Many  
> thanks,
>                Eugene Volokh
>                UCLA School of Law
>                (with apologies for cross-posting)
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