Anticlericalism-- was allegedly bigoted

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Could you remind us of the quotes from the Memorial and Remonstrance 
that resemble "Anyone who's been denied communion can't be all bad"?

hamilton02 at wrote:
> Reread Madison's Memorial and Remons. It contains a scathing denunciation of priests/bishops and a negative reference to the Inquisition.  It is straightforward anticlericalism aimed at the Catholic Church.
> It is usually ignored by legal scholars.  
> Marci
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> Marci--
> I don't think I've said anything that would imply a criticism of James 
> Madison. So far as I know, he never said anything like "Anyone who's 
> been denied communion can't be all bad."
> Maybe it would be a good idea to start a discussion of Madison's views 
> on religion, so long as such a discussion does not appear to be a 
> defense of, or an excuse for, or a distraction from, the nature of the 
> bigoted statement to which Earl objected.
> Nelson
> hamilton02 at wrote:
>> Nelson-- setting aside the statement made---would you not agree that anticlericalism is different from anti-Catholicism?  There is a long tradition in the religious history of the United States of anticlericalism, which was integral to Madison's Memorial and Remonstrance.
>> Marci
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