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You don't even need to find things that attack the legitimacy of  
affirmative action.  All you need to do is to read about how it works  
in a place where it is in use as a fundamental proposition for a very  
diverse nation:  India.

The book is called "In Spite of the Gods; the Rise of Modern India,"  
by Edward Luce,  2006 (or 7).  Here's the Amazon reference as, my  
copy is in storage:

Basically what happens is that "the backward peoples" (actual legal  
name for a certain legal category of  groups) have a legal  
entitlement to so many government jobs and other funding programs.   
This makes the so-called (not so very) backward peoples a much sought  
after group politically, sometimes with the top tier of brahmins  
becoming allies with the bottom tier, the former untouchables,  
trading votes and promises of jobs and money to achieve power.  You  
read this and congratulate us for not going down that road unless  
this is what you want to see here.

I wondered why, during our debates on A-A, no one pointed to India as  
a living laboratory, much better than any casebook example of racial  


On Oct 29, 2007, at 1:31 PM, Sanford Levinson wrote:

> I am supervising a senior thesis on the subject of affirmative  
> action, and I want to give my student the very best things to read  
> that attack the legitimacy of affirmative action.  I would be  
> extremely grateful for any suggestions of the (single) best book or  
> (two or three) articles that you would recommend to a student.  Off- 
> list replies are obviously OK.
> sandy
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