impeach Justice Thomas?

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Maybe he's revisiting it because it would be odd to write an autobiography  
without mentioning the one thing he is most known for in public  consciousness?
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All  that being said, the real issue about Justice Thomas, for himself as 
well, I  suppose, for the House, is what revisiting this by him after all this 
time  says about Justice Thomas' stability, psychological state, etc. Justice  
Thomas' writing in the affirmative action cases particularly seem to be a  
crying out by someone who is not at all able to come to grips with who he is.  
Does desparately desiring and needing public vindication after all this time  
about who one is, presumably to help resolve  his self-identificataion, indicate 
such an incapacity to serve  as a Justice as to justify impeachment?  That, I 
think is the real  question. 


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