help with presidential power cases

Harry Pohlman pohlman at
Tue Jul 10 14:56:57 PDT 2007

shameless plug:  Rowman and Littlefield is publishing my TERRORISM  
AND THE CONSTITUTION: THE POST 9/11 CASES.  it should be out in  
October.  book covers five major cases: FISA, Hamdi, Rasul,  
Moussaoui, and Hamdan.  my colleague,  Andy Rudalevige, has covered  
some of this ground with a different approach in his NEW IMPERIAL  
PRESIDENCY (Michigan).

Harry Pohlman

On Jul 10, 2007, at 1:27 PM, Evan Gerstmann wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> Can anyone suggest a good source for undergraduates laying out the  
> various
> presidential power decisions that have occurred under the Bush  
> Administration?
> Thanks,
> Evan
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