Definitions of Judicial Independence

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You might also find useful the papers from an excellent symposium Case Western Reserve Law School held last winter. The papers are in Volume 56 No. 4 of their law review, which is just out. The symposium is entitled "Judicial Independence and Judicial Accountability: Searching for the Right Balance," and includes papers by Charles Geyh, Bill Marshall, Mark Tushnet, Jonathan Entin & Erik Jensen, Mark C. Miller, Robert Strassfeld, Lisa Kloppenberg and Ronald Kahn, with replies by me, Melvyn Durchslag and Michelle Slack.  
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Dear Bobby,

        I would hardly claim my own stuff to be canonical, seminal, or anything of the kind, but I have a piece a couple of years back, Two Concepts of Judicial Independence, 72 So. Cal. L. Rev. 535 (1999), that goes through a taxonomy of types of judicial independence that includes the examples you give.  And I've got an updated version of the argument in a forthcoming Georgetown L.J. symposium that I'd be pleased to email anyone who's interested.


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