i think it is more a comment on the relative lack of weight of a jdversus a

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Jonathan H. Adler at Case Western informs me that Dean Starr had more
than then one article. I stupidly (at about 2:00 am) only searched for
articles by Kenneth Starr with out taking into account that some would
have a "middle initial."  I do not think it changes my argument -- he
was surely not given an endowed chair because of his scholarship -- but
I did want to thank Jonathan for correcting me on this.  This would be
true for many other law professors and professors in other fields.  We
are especially likely to find people with "thin" publication records in
teaching (often with chairs) in public policy and public administration

It is also worth nothing that there are many tenured professors in
colleges and law schools around the nation with very few publications.  

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