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Fri Apr 13 08:52:51 PDT 2007

In this regard, see:

Devereaux v. Perez, Abbey, et. al. (97-35781, July 12, 2000) 00 CDOS  


On Apr 13, 2007, at 6:29 AM, Bezanson, Randall P wrote:

> I know that Prof. Holden's message asked for off line responses,  
> but the topic of the Duke cases raises two questions about which I  
> know little, but would be interested in others' informed views.   
> First, is prosecutorial immunity absolute, and second, if not, what  
> would have to be proven to override it should the boys' families  
> wish to sue to recover their substantial costs of defense over the  
> past year?
> Randy Bezanson
> University of Iowa Law School

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