Jewish Champions of First Amendment or something

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    The American Communist Party didn't just support a repressive
foreign regime -- its stated purpose was to help implement Communism
everywhere, including in the U.S. (though they must have realized that
it would take a long time).  And, yes, a conservative who not only
backed repressive foreign regimes outside the Soviet Union but also
wanted to set up such a government in the U.S. wouldn't qualify as a
champion of the First Amendment, either.

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	If we are going to say that you are not a champion of the First
Amendment if you support a repressive foreign regime, that rules out not
only all Communists during the Cold War, but also the entire Right and
also the Cold War liberals in the center.  The only ones eligible would
be the democratic Left, which I suppose makes sense.
	Actually, Right and Center during the Cold War should probably
be considered less eligible than Communists, under this criterion,
because they had government power in America and they used it to keep
foreign repressive regimes in power.   

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