Speech during wartime

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Sounds like Lysistrata all over again, but without the sex. 


Maybe we should string up Aristophanes.

Bob S.

Scarberry, Mark wrote:
> Cindy Sheehan's recent post on Daily Kos provides a not-so-hypothetical
> example of speech designed to undermine military operations. (I realize
> that there is disagreement about whether we are at war at present.) From
> http://www.dailykos.com/story/2006/8/31/211458/222 (hat tip to
> redstate.com):
> "Camp Casey has not received the media coverage that we enjoyed (or not)
> last summer---because Cut and Run George has spent less time in Crawford
> this year than Camp Casey has. For some reason, the media follows him.
> "All of our hard work and every penny that I have spent was made
> abundantly worthwhile today when Mark Wilkerson, a 22 year old Army
> Specialist out of Ft. Hood, who has been AWOL for 19 months heard our
> call of sanctuary and came to Camp Casey to spend his last few days of
> freedom before turning himself in to military authorities at Ft. Hood.
> "After one tour in Iraq, Mark decided that the war, which he initially
> supported was as illegal and immoral as he was hearing some people say.
> He tried very hard to go through the proper channels to attain
> Conscientious Objector status, but he was denied. So instead of being
> redeployed to Iraq for a 2 nd time, he decided to go AWOL.
> "He heard our call for sanctuary at Camp Casey and he came. He found a
> home and a new family who love and support him fully. Mark is anxious to
> pay whatever price he has to pay for his decision and then to work with
> us in the Camp Casey Peace Institute and in the peace field. 
> . . . 
> "The peace movement needs to encourage all the soldiers to lay down
> their weapons and refuse to die or kill innocent people for the cowards
> in DC and the war machine. We as peace people need to support them with
> our moral support and monetary support so they feel comfortable doing
> so. We as peace people need to work on stopping the next war and work on
> giving families information and alternatives to their children putting
> on the uniform of the war profiteers. College is too expensive and they
> have no jobs in their communities, we need to wrest away money from the
> War Department and give it back to our future: our children.
> "War will only continue if we keep giving our kids to the war machine to
> chew up and spit out for their wicked profits.
> "To find more information on how to help young people get out of going
> to a war, please go to The GI Rights Hotline web site.
> "To find more information on obtaining C.O. Status please go to the
> Conscientious Objectors Web Site.
> "To find more information about alternatives to joining the military,
> please go to American Friends' Service Committee web page.
> "I wish I had all of this info before my oldest child came home in a
> body bag."
> Mark S. Scarberry
> Pepperdine University School of Law
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