"Affirmative action era is over, longtime foe says"

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Sun Nov 26 13:33:00 PST 2006

>From today's LA Times. Here is an excerpt:

As Ward Connerly sees it, the demise of affirmative action in America is fast approaching.

Buoyed by the victory this month of the Michigan ballot measure banning racial preferences in public education and hiring, the former University of California regent is ready to take his crusade to the rest of the nation.

Connerly talks enthusiastically of an "anti-affirmative action wave washing over America" that will wipe out the race-based preferences used for decades to help African Americans, Latinos and other disadvantaged ethnic groups.

"I think the end is at hand for affirmative action as we know it," he says.

For his next target, the conservative activist is considering sponsoring a ballot measure in one or more states, including Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Missouri or South Dakota. "We don't have to go to every state if we can get a critical mass of seven or eight states," he says.
  I hope he adds Nebraska to the list.
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