Limits of private affirmative action

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Assuming that the Colbertian race-blindness theory wins the day and  
even the anemic version of affirmative action in the Michigan case  
falls (can take race into account), can private entities use race- 
conscious affirmative action in employment?  If one interprets Title  
VII that way, and Congress were to pass an amendment to Title VII  
that excepted affirmative action in favor of those groups  
historically or economically or statistically disadvantaged, would  
that be unconstitutional?

Can a state school administer privately-funded scholarships for  
African Americans?  Can the state school accept students who are  
funded by privately administered scholarships for African Americans?   
Is the United Negro College Fund illegal?

Where is the constitutional line for statutes that would reach such  
private conduct?

Rick, are you or is any other white person injured by the United  
Negro College Fund?  Isn't the psychological effect the same whether  
it is a state school or a private school or a private funding of  
students for a school?

A mind IS a terrible thing to waste.


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