Solomon Amendment Upheld

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Mon Mar 6 14:07:13 PST 2006

If only what to do about would-be ACLU and AUSCS recruiters on our campus
were our biggest problem!
If we had that problem, and decided to deal with it via a ban, I would guess
Dale and Hurley would apply, rather than Rumsfeld, b/c the federal govt's
power to raise armies and navies would not be at issue.  Otoh, my personal
recommendation would be to invite them in, and to use, with vim, those
"alternate means of expression" that the Rumsfeld Court alludes to.  E.g.,
no donuts -- only hot cross buns! 
(N.B. If this were BYU -- no coffee!!)
David M. Wagner
Regent University School of Law
Virginia Beach, VA
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