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Sanford Levinson SLevinson at law.utexas.edu
Sun Mar 5 19:57:29 PST 2006

Everyone ought to read this amazing letter from Dr. Bill Frist to Harry Reid, in which Frist is threatening to gut the one truly bipartisan committee in the Senate for fear that the Democrats will have the effrontery to engage in oversight of the Executive Branchy.  http://frist.senate.gov/_files/030306.pdf    This is, I believe, evidence of the further revision of what we think of as our constitutional system:   the ever-increasing intentional neutralization of the legislature as a truly independent branch of government and complete subordination to the Maximum Leader (as long, of course, as he is a Republican).  Other Republicans may be expressing some dissatisfaction with the ML, but Dr. Frist seems fully on board.  Perhaps he's hoping to be named VP (and designated successor) when Dick Cheney finally gets around to resigning.  This, of course, further demonstrates Madison's irrelevance, because Dr. Frist's ambition has literally nothing to do with protecting the independence of the Senate.  
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