Prosecutor fired for going to "white preservationist" conference

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Well, this runs into the problem that there haven't been ANY communist regimes that weren't characterized by such policies. Some have been less repressive than others, but even the most moderate (probably Yugoslavia) still had forced labor, suppression of free speech, dictatorship, repression of religion and so on. Also, let us remember that communist (as opposed to socialist) ideology was founded by Lenin, who was also the founder of the most prominent of the totalitarian regimes to which Yvette refers. I don't think the two can be meaningfully separated. 

One can imagine individuals who call themselves communists but do not actually subscribe to any significant portion of Lenin's ideology. Similarly, I suppose an individual could call himself a white supremacist but   not actually favor official discrimination against nonwhites. Obviously, individuals who are not really communists or white supremacists, but are merely mislabeling themselves as such, raise very different issues than people who really do subscribe to these ideologies. The latter are a menace if given official power, while the former are probably guilty only of ignorance (and whether that ignorance justifies firing them probably depends on the office in question).

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