Prosecutor fired for going to "white preservationist" conference

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Fri Mar 3 14:15:09 PST 2006

One further point:

I agree that people who attend communist meetings may in some cases be just "fellow travelers" who aren't committed to the full communist agenda. But of course the same thing can be said of some people who attend white supremacist meetings. Maybe some of them also don't share the group's full agenda. 

In my view, we should generally err on the safe side and get rid of such officials anyway, unless there is clear proof that they don't really share the objectionalbe group's agenda (e.g. - they went to the meeting by mistake, or went there only to do research, etc.). More to the point, as a constitutional matter, the determination as to whether a given government employee's commitment to communism or white supremacy is great enough to justify firing is one that should be left to the employee's political superiors and not to the courts.

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