Democrats & Alito

Mark Graber mgraber at
Sun Jan 15 08:00:35 PST 2006

May I suggest that the main problem facing Democrats is collective
rationality, not stupidity.  I suspect, though cannot prove, that
Democrats in general are behaving intelligently if their goal is their
reelection.  The sort of questions they asked demonstrated their
commitment to the core principles of their activist base, even if they
did not inspire voters in other states to oppose Alito.  Indeed, there
may be a good case that a real Democrat revolution would be bad for
existing Democrats, or at least existing Democratic officials, because
that revolution is likely to overthrow their power in the party.  Could
Republicans have ever gain control of the House under their 1980s

Mark A. Graber

P.S.  I may have caused some confusion in an earlier post by referring
to the "true" constitution-in-exile.  My argument is not that leftist
scholars are correct about what the Constitution means, though I'm
obviously more sympathetic with the jurisprudence, but merely that the
Constitution been elaborated by the left is now the Constitution that is
really, "truly" in exile.

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