Where Is Harvard Law School?

Scott Gerber s-gerber at onu.edu
Fri Jan 13 05:35:39 PST 2006

The more relevant question for me is, where is Ohio Northern University
College of Law?  I find it difficult to shed a tear for Harvard Law School
in an elitist profession such as ours, where it typically matters more,
much more, WHERE you are than WHAT you have to say.

Scott Gerber
Ohio Northern University a/k/a the Harvard of the Northwest Territory

At 07:53 AM 1/13/2006 -0500, sburbank at law.upenn.edu wrote:
>What a peculiar post, although perhaps not given the New Haven source. 
>Since when do talking heads have anything to do with scholarship? One 
>would have to see the full results, and consider the methodology, of 
>the citation study in order to determine whether it is relevant to a 
>question worth asking and what its probative value might be. Until 
>then, I would hesitate to give this rumor legs.
>Steve Burbank
>Quoting Fred Shapiro <fred.shapiro at yale.edu>:
>> I apologize for diverting attention from the very important
>> substantive 
>> discussion of the Alito hearings with a question about the sociology
>> of 
>> legal scholarship that may be too much
>> elite-law-school-inside-baseball 
>> for many on this list, but here goes:
>> I notice that the New York Times "News Analysis" about the hearings
>> this 
>> morning quotes Cass Sunstein of Chicago, Jack Balkin of Yale, Vikram
>> Amar 
>> of Hastings, Mark Tushnet of Georgetown, John Yoo of Berkeley, Noah 
>> Feldman of NYU, Douglas Kmiec of Pepperdine, Judith Resnik of Yale. 
>> It 
>> strikes me that no one from Harvard Law School is quoted, reminding
>> me 
>> that I recently compiled data for a list of the most-cited law review
>> articles of the last 10 years and found that Harvard Law School
>> faculty 
>> figured on the list only minimally.  I also found that none of the
>> seven 
>> most-cited articles from that period were published in the Harvard
>> Law 
>> Review, which has dominated all previous most-cited lists.
>> So I am wondering whether Harvard Law School may have in recent years
>> dropped off the intellectual map of legal scholarship relative to its
>> past 
>> position of great prominence?  Does this ring true subjectively with
>> any 
>> students of legal scholarship?  (I realize that Harvard Law School
>> may 
>> still kick ass in other aspects of its mission, such as training
>> leaders 
>> of the bar or future Supreme Court justices or influencing the
>> corporate 
>> world or influencing elites in foreign countries.)
>> Fred Shapiro
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