Where Is Harvard Law School?

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Fri Jan 13 05:09:19 PST 2006

On Fri, 13 Jan 2006, sburbank at law.upenn.edu wrote:

> What a peculiar post, although perhaps not given the New Haven source.
> Since when do talking heads have anything to do with scholarship? One
> would have to see the full results, and consider the methodology, of
> the citation study in order to determine whether it is relevant to a
> question worth asking and what its probative value might be. Until
> then, I would hesitate to give this rumor legs.

I realize that talking heads does not equal scholarship, and the instance 
I cited may reflect nothing more than the characteristics of one 
reporter's Rolodex.  But I am suggesting that HLS's influence on 
scholarship and constitutional law policy debates may have waned, and am 
looking whether this rings true subjectively with those who know much more 
about the substance and structure of legal scholarship than I do.  (And, 
as this respondent suggests, I can't necessarily get impartial assessments 
in New Haven!).

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