Engel v. Vitale recusals?

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Except for Brown II, where the Court was on a unanimous course but after
Jackson's death in 10/54 had only 8 members. When it became clear in
11/54 that Harlan would not be confirmed promptly, the Court cancelled
the oral arguments that were scheduled for the next month.  After he was
confirmed in 3/55, the Court put the cases back on for a week of
argument in 4/55.


Are there other instances of a non-divided Court postponing argument
until the Court again was at full membership?  


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It was 6-1, with an opinion of the Court for five.  And when the Court
is short handed, it is short handed for all its cases, not just this
one.  My impression is that it doesn't put cases over for reargument on
grounds of shorthandedness unless it is evenly divided.  


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Thanks!   And thanks to those who replied off-list.

That's what I've been assuming, which leads to the real query: 

Why did the Court not defer the case, since it was well-known to be

Just not close enough?  




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	I believe that Justice White was not sworn in until after Engel
v. Vitale was argued. I suspect that Justice Frankfurter's declining
health explains his lack of participation.


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