Brown, Rehnquist and Contemporary Politics

Frank Cross crossf at
Mon Sep 12 07:32:44 PDT 2005

Here's a question for those who feel that abortion is tantamount to the 
Holocaust, or slavery.
Why not support violence in pursuit of its abolition?  For such a great 
evil, nonviolence almost seems complicitous.  The abolitionists certainly 
did not eschew violence, and we fought a war against slaveholding states to 
free the slaves.  If you believe abortion is comparable, would it not be 
moral to murder doctors and, perhaps, even Supreme Court justices to 
forestall the deaths.  Is Eric Rudolph a champion?

Rick Duncan's post suggests that the answer to this cannot be respect for 
the law or constitutional processes, because he has lost all faith in 
them.  So what is the argument against violent civil disobedience?

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