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How does Alito fit Bushite identity politics:  I assume he is a Catholic Italian-American.  How will this go down with Hispanics.  And for all the current lovefest between Evangelicals and the Catholic Church, are there none among the former who would be at least a bit perturbed with a Court that included not a single "out" Protestant?  I.e., we'd have fice Catholics, two Jews, and what are almost certainly two agnostics (at "best").  Does no one in the White House think of such things?  (Is that because they're purer souls than I am?)

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The Sunday news shows and blogs appear to be focusing on Judge Alito as the favorite to be the next nominee of the president.
Is this like the spreading reports of Judge Clement, just before the nomination of John Roberts? 
Also, is Judge Alito likely to be confirmed, if nominated?
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