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Two comments on this.  The fact she is personally pro-life does not  answer 
the question whether she thinks it is appropriate to overrule Roe v.  Wade.  We 
have to know what her view is on Casey before we will be able to  answer that 
question.  Good luck finding that out.  Second, I find it  not a little 
chauvinistic to assume that she will "make the Chief's vote count  twice" and then 
will find her own way.  From what I'm hearing this  woman has a mind of her 
own, and will not be likely to look to either side to  decide what she believes 
is correct.  She is, in fact, very like Justice  O'Connor.
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I have talked to a few people who know her, or know people who know her,  and 
my impression is that Miers is a recognizable type in private practice:  
managing partner, nominal litigator, dozens of professional associations,  cameo 
court appearances. If she has a special legal expertise, it's in real  estate 
financing and development, but it's not clear whether she did the work  or 
handed it off. Her real specialization is business development. She's  smart, 
forthright, politically astute, and she inspires client confidence. She  has high 
executive functioning skills, and she's nobody's patsy. She knows the  one-sum 
game -- find the win-win, make the deal work, keep your client out of  court. 
She has a coherent moral/ethical perspective: she's going to be  pro-life and 
sensitive to social injustice. My evolving impression is that she  is not 
unlike the Justice that she will replace (abortion rights aside) --  initially 
she will make the Chief's vote count twice, but she has the capacity  to develop 
an independent streak that is more pragmatic, more political, more  socially 
aware, and less ideological. Movement conservatives have cause for  concern, 
but it's their own fault for ever imagining that George Bush was one  of them.

John Noble

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