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We're getting pretty far afield from con law, but since I also bit on
the $941 million number, I felt obliged to go back and check.
The Salon article throws numbers around ambiguously, but it looks like
this bridge is $223 million, there is another bridge near Anchorage at
$231 million, and $941 million is Alaska's total share of the bill, or
possibly Alaska's share of the bill in the first year.  It is hard to
The city's response appears in a later article, Alaska Town Says Bridge
Is Not Boondoogle,
which argues that the city is out of land, and the only room for growth
is on the island, which is described as "relatively flat."  That story
also reveals that the ferry runs year round -- every 15 minutes in
summer and every 30 minutes in winter -- and that there are also water
taxis, so the ferry is not a monopoly.
Some locals, and a former Alaska highway commissioner, are quoted on the
side that it's a boondoggle.
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