Controlling Administrations you don't like

J. Noble jfnbl at
Sat Nov 5 13:58:50 PST 2005

Is there such a thing as a "standard"? If Clinton was impeached under 
the Military Code for conduct unbecoming an officer and the Senate 
convicted, that would set a standard. If Bush was impeached for 
criminal negligence and criminal mischief in the alternative, and was 
convicted of either, that would set another standard. Is there a 
higher authority than the Senate?

John Noble

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>Scott wrote:
>As a matter of constitutional law, the President can be impeached if he has
>committed an "offense against the commonwealth," which is the Framers'
>understanding of a high crime and misdemeanor.  I agree with Eugene that
>the standard has yet to be met.
>1.  I think this is the right standard.
>2.  Scott (and anyone else):  Do you think the standard was met with 
>Clinton?  (I think that a reasonable person could certainly think 
>so.  So then the question is what precisely distinguishes Clinton's 
>mendacity from the mendacity of the Bush Administration with regard 
>to the Iraq War?)
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