Constitutional Attitudes

Bob Sheridan bobsheridan at
Thu Nov 3 23:00:09 PST 2005

A few weeks ago I posted a poem on subjects of conlaw that I'd pulled 
off the web. I didn't make clear that I didn't support the sentiments 
and thus collected a load of flak along with an invitation to post to a 
site noted for a number of fairly-to-the-right contributors, some really 
disgruntled campers, and a few philosopers of conlaw who really seem to 
meet the definition of "outside-the-mainstream;" far outside, I would 
say. The fact of posting suggested support to some, since I didn't post 
a disclaimer in opposition. I simply thought it would be of interest to 
share what I assume are things lay (I assume) people sometimes write 
about. I had no interest in nudging your judgment by intruding with my 
own, for whatever it would be worth, which I suspect is little 
considering the value we tend to place on forming our own individual 
judgments; plus I have no claim or desire to promote judgments of my own 
here, altho' sometimes I may let go with a rant because I think it needs 
doing. I was honored at the call to be condemned and gratified that I 
wasn't, really.

Along the same line of quoting w/o endorsing, the following credo was 
written by a friend, Harry, who contributes to a home-town site. Harry 
is a retired gov't employee who worked as a technician all over the 
world for one of the quiet services. We discuss events of the day on the 
site, along with a miscellany of other things. Harry posted this without 
attribution, so I asked who composed it. He did. I asked if it was okay 
for me to re-post it. He agreed. I admired the fact that someone, an 
ordinary citizen, would compose a credo and post it. Harry is not a 
lawyer or a writer, just a hometown guy who pays attention to the goings 
on around him. I post it for its potential interest as a document 
reflecting an individualized attitude of a thoughtful decent person. 
There are things here, which I won't identify, that I would take issue 
with, but that's not the point of the posting, so kindly hold fire and 
invite me not to join other lists, thank you"


"I have never voted "Party Line" in my life. I've always voted the 
person based upon what I'd read, heard, felt and believed. I’ve never 
dumped on Republicans because they were Republicans and I have never 
supported Democrats because they were Democrats. I try to support the 
best American for America.

I believe there is a God.
I believe you have a right to your beliefs.
I believe God guided the evolution of the Universe, the Earth and all 
things living here.
I believe that God gave us a brain so that we could use it to make 
I believe that a women's body is hers and she should have freedom of choice.
I believe that homosexuals are also Gods creations and should have the 
same rights and privileges as do heterosexuals.
I believe that there are many ways to worship God.
I believe that God wants us to care for our planet Earth and our fellow 



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