Scalito Not a Homophobe

Rick Duncan nebraskalawprof at
Thu Nov 3 08:24:20 PST 2005

Hmmm. We all did lots of foolish things when we were undergraduates.
Of course, there is also a huge difference between being politically opposed to sodomy laws (as even Justice Thomas says he is), and ruling that the 14th Amendment somehow codifies the Kama Sutra.
Rick Duncan

dpinello at wrote:
Despite being dubbed Scalito by some, Alito appears not to have the 
antigay animus that such moniker would suggest. From today's New York 

"The Boston Globe reported Wednesday that as a student at Princeton, 
the judge had written a paper arguing that prohibitions against sodomy 
should be overturned and 'discrimination against homosexuals in hiring 
should be forbidden.'"

Are those my wedding bells that I hear from the future?

Dan Pinello
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