How quickly some journals give offers

Volokh, Eugene VOLOKH at
Wed Nov 2 16:09:06 PST 2005

	A while ago I asked on-list about how quickly some journals give
offers; some listmembers were kind enough to respond.  It turns out that
quite a few journals have given offers within three days of getting an
article, and more still within a week; a few examples:

	Washington & Lee Law Review -- 24 hours.
	Virginia Law Review -- less than 2 days.
	Cornell Law Review -- less than 3 days.
	William & Mary Law Review -- less than 3 days.
	Wisconsin Law Review -- less than 3 days.
	Florida State University Law Review -- 8 hours.
	NYU Law Review -- under a week.
	California Law Review -- about 3 days.
	Various specialty journals -- less than 3 days.

	The takeaway for student-run journals is that things move
quickly, and that journals that are slower may end up losing some of the
good pieces to faster peer journals (assuming that people shop up offers
to substantially higher-ranked journals, but generally not to peer
journals, at least unless the original offer has a very short fuse).


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